Friday, 11 April 2014

Overcoming Struggles (Draft 2)

                    Hello! Jeff Lim here! Today I am going to talk about my school life, my primary school life.Well... I just realized how different secondary school life and primary school life are, but still I will tell you about my first year in my primary school.

                First things first, I was from KUO CHUAN PRESBYTERIAN PRIMARY SCHOOL. There is a reason why I put it in capital letters. First, I love the school. Secondly, I made a lot of good friends and thirdly I am proud to be a student of this school. It was a very good school which allowed us to learn and play.When I first entered the school, the first thing I saw was the school's canteen. It was quite big but the canteen looked the same as other school's canteen.The hall if I remembered was bigger than the canteen. My primary school's classroom was on the first floor, like the other primary schools that my cousins went to.

When I was in Primary 1 to Primary 3, I did well for my examinations. From Primary 4 to Primary 5, I did badly for my class test. When my teachers saw what I got for my subjects, they gave me supplementary lessons and remedials to improve my understanding of the lesson. As a result, I did all right in my Primary 4 and 5 examinations. When I was Primary 6, I did not do well in my mid-year and preliminary examinations.

                  Luckily, my parents, teachers and friends encouraged me and cheered me on. They helped me by revising the chapters again and again and giving me tests to do. Once again, I put in more effort and hard work.  I managed to pass my PSLE. I was so happy I cried for joy. My parents were so happy, they brought me and my cousins to Gold Coast, Australia. It was the best thing that happened to me.