Saturday, 22 March 2014

My reflections for English

            The English lessons in Term 1 were excellent and helpful. We did blog entries, grammars editing, newspaper reading and letter writing. We even have a common Facebook account where teachers and students can exchange thoughts and view freely.

             The blog entries we did were exciting. This is the first time that I have my own blog and I get to read other bloggers' view. I can learn from my friends' blog and share my thoughts. Through these blog entries, I get to know my friends better.

             Grammars editing were fun as well. I have learned to find and correct grammar mistakes from the passages. This improves my English which is essential for most of the subjects.

             The phrase book homework that we need to do weekly requires us to read through the newspapers and find words that we do not know. We have to look up the meaning for the words in the dictionary and learn them properly. It helps me to improve my vocabulary and know what is happening in Singapore and around the world. 

             For letter writing, I learned to write a friendly letter to my friend. The first time I heard about writing letters, I was grumpy as I do not like writing letters. Now I love writing letters and write emails to my cousins.

             I am always weak in my English language. With the  learning experience and exposure I get from school, I am confident that I will improve over time.