Sunday, 29 June 2014

Chong Boon Secondary School
English Department
Book Review

Name: _Lim Bo Yu, Jeff    (  18    )     Class: ____1E1______      Date:  21/6/2014___

Title of book:  Nick of Time (by Ted Bell)

Describe the most exciting/memorable part of the book. Why do you like it?

The most exciting part of the book was that Kate Mclver and Hobbes playing a spy game in a U-boat-a submarine which can travel at the fastest speed. Both Kate and Hobbes act really well in the spy game without getting caught by the Nazis. I found that it was very exciting.

If you could rewrite one part of the book, which part would it be and why? How would you like to rewrite it?

It would be the part of the battle between Mystère and Merlin as a lot of sailors died after the battle.  I would rewrite the story that after the battle, there were only a few of the sailors died.

List 3 new words that you have picked up from reading the book.

Klaxon -  a loud electric horn, formerly used on automobiles, truck, etc.

Forthwith -  immediately; at once; without delay.

Fifes -  a high-pitched transverse flute used commonly in military and marching musical groups.

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